Sunday brunch - Omelette with tuna & baby spinach


I just simply love Sundays - I can sleep longer, have time for reading, writing and all my creative craziness and of course I take my time for a great breakfast or brunch. This week my choice fell on tuna, eggs and baby spinach. This omelette is a typical example of "simple but great" - ready in 5 minutes, has only 3 ingredients and is super healthy. 

Omelette á la Katie


2 large eggs, a little tuna, 1 teaspoon coconut oil, sea salt and a few leaves of baby spinach


Crack the eggs into a small mixing bowl with a pinch of salt and mix/beat them well with a fork. Use a small non-stick frying pan and let it get hot on medium heat level. Add the coconut oil and once it is completely melted add the eggs and move the pan to spread it around. When the omelette is nearly cooked, but still has some raw parts on the top add the tuna, cover it with a lid and take it from the hob. After a few minutes strew the spinach leaves over it and it is ready to be served.