Setting Goals - Célkitűzések

      I know it is already the third day of this year, and usually the planning for the upcoming 365 days should be completed by now, but this little inner voice only started to speak to me this morning.  Setting goals, making plans and dreaming big, with well prepared action plans for the step by step achievement of the milestones, this is what helps us to cross those finish lines which we have defined. We need to have plans, it can be for a year or for 10 years, it doesn’t matter, but there has to be an existing one, so that we have something to fight for by hook or crook.


The start of 2016 gives us the opportunity for a new chapter ,however when it comes to the new year, new me quotes - you should clearly forget about that. Without having the previous years, all of your memories, good and bad moments - how will you be able to define your future goals? Life is about experiencing, learning and improving, and without the previous chapters of your own book, how would you like to write the new ones? 

I have set my goals for this year, and according to these few points it looks like that it will be a quite awesome year with a lot of challenges - and I’m more than happy to face all of them.

Have you already set your Goals?