Working - does it have to be a must?

OMG, this is so exciting, finally after 4 month of sometimes desparate searching I'm going back to work. This is like having Christmas at the beginning of the year.

People with jobs don't even think about it how lucky they are to have an income, a daily routine, a basis. Why are we always so negative about work, why do we always wait for the Fridays to come? Maybe we should make some thoughts about the job that we are actually doing, not the fact that we have to work to have a salary. What would you do with all of your time if you would not go to work? OK let's take the situation that you have money as well- would it be so great to just hung around for the rest of your life?

I started reading a great book about the Flow experience (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Flow). This thesis clearly states, that happiness can be reached through activities, and not by just watching TV or any other passive leisure activities. Having the proper work, creating something in your work, making activities where you don't realize the time - these can lead to the flow experience. Working can be and for the really lucky ones it is definately leading to the flow state.

I think we should appreciate that we have a job, even if we are not in love with it...